Digital door keys - easy, efficient and environmentally friendly

Smartphones already take care of many of our most personal problems. Access control is currently making great strides – car keys, apartment keys, office access and hotel room keys. Hotel MSSNGR’s smartphone apps are designed to be used as room keys. If you wish, combine it with a check-in integration with your PMS and payment provider and offer your guests a truly contactless arrival.

Efficient, eco friendly and always at hand

We never leave our smartphone behind.

Room keys on mobiles are super efficient. No more coding at reception. Late check-outs can be handled via chat or phone, no more physically transcoding cards. It’s also cost effective – up to 75% of room cards issued are never returned – calculate this with the cost per card! And remember, these cards are not thrown away. 🌻🌳

100% secure

Hotel MSSNGR is certified by every door lock supplier we work with. Essentially, smartphone-based key cards are even more secure than physical ones. And this is 100% delivered. πŸ”

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