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Hotel MSSNGR is a truly easy to use tool. Our goal is to help you on whatever your guest communication strategy is. We are neither focused on specific touch points to your quest nor on services or content. You decide – and we help you on this mission.

The Web App is a good starting point

Almost needed in every hotel is a web based compendium. This is what Hotel MSSNGR‘s Web App does with ease. With nothing to be installed by your guests and running on every device, the web app is the perfect entry product. The same is true for the hotel‘s team. The Web App is setup in a few hours, comes as a customizable white label product and is easily connected to all of Hotel MSSNGR‘s On-Site Bookings.

examples of Hotel MSSNGR PDFs

Carbon PDF delivers huge efficiency gains

As a next step we‘d like to recommend our Carbon PDF tool to create pixel perfect ready to print PDFs. Supporting you with all frequently changing printing material like menu cards, daily information, spa timetables and much more, this is the tool to boost your efficiency from day one of its use. Expect up to 2 days* of work to saved from your team while outputting even better graphical results.

Finetune your guest communication

Now you‘re setup and your team hugely benefits from Hotel MSSNGR‘s efficiency gains. It‘s time to leverage on our upselling, communication and analytics capabilities. Chose from our remaining guest touch points and our On-Site Bookings to further elevate your guest‘s communication experience. And remember this will all be at no extra work based on our „single entry“-Data Management Hub! Congratulations, you and your team will now profit everyday largely in your guest communication efforts by communicating better, selling more, being even more efficient and by understanding your guest‘s onsite behavior

*Based on an efficiency gain of up to 90% for producing pixel perfect print PDFs with Hotel MSSNGR‘s Carbon PDF tool. Complex print communication takes up to 2.5 days per week for our clients. This work load can be reduced to as little as 0.5 days per week depending on the amount of publications, efficiency and complexity of work processes.

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